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Saturday, April 7, 2012


As you are reading this blog of mine, some of you may find it boring and decide to surf another website for more ‘interesting’ articles, tweets, photos, videos or what not… all, just in a matter of seconds.  Because of the internet and modern day technology, our attention span is getting shorter and shorter since there are so many alternatives before us.  Convenience is a great luxury that our grandparents’ generation didn’t have.  We cannot argue about the added value that these technologies have brought into our lives, but they pose threats that can be very dangerous to our existence.

About a decade ago, we had the iPod that simply played mp3 music files.  That was a great luxury already, coming from mp3 players that could only store 5 to 10 songs.  Then we asked for more.  We had higher versions of the iPod, then the iTouch, then the iPhone, iPad, and now the iPhone 4S.  This iPhone 4S can do pretty much everything from video calls, GPS mapping, live chatting, voice recognition, etc… Wonder what’s the next thing will we ask for? Just when you think it’s got all the features, something newer and ‘cooler’ is developed to satisfy us consumers.

Our lives are so accustomed to convenience.  We want more, more, more and fast, fast, fast.  We take shortcuts and want to make money the ‘easy way’.  For some, it is more and more power or more and more sexual satisfaction! We can just never get enough!  One saint said that this is a major tragedy since we are looking for joy in the wrong places.  These ‘attachments’ are fleeting and will not give us the lasting joy that we long for because they disconnect us from God.

We want quick-fix solutions to address lingering problems.  A little inconvenience and we get easily irritable and annoyed.  This is manifested in many relationships nowadays that don’t seem to endure trials.  They resort to the easy way out.

So what do we do now? What does this have to do with Lent?

Just as Jesus’ self-sacrifice through His passion and death, God has also given His ultimate sacrifice by sending His only Son to become fully human only to die on the cross.  Imagine how painful that is for a father.  And more so for a mother that is why we feel especially close to Our Lady of Sorrows these days.

In this light, we too are called to make sacrifices. They don’t have to be big ones. I have some friends who have given up eating ‘sweets’ during the entire season of Lent.  Some have given up drinking alcohol.  Or it can be as simple as being extra patient in trying to understand a difficult friend.  Or doing small acts of kindness to your parents or siblings. This is also the reason why we fast and abstain from eating meat during Fridays of Lent.

This is mortification.  It is about self-giving.  We do not make sacrifices for the mere purpose of pleasing others or appearing ‘holy’ but we do it because of our deep love for Christ – that is charity.  And in doing so, people see Christ in us.  St. Josemaria said it best when he said that you must experience Christ within yourself—be His friend—then that overflow of your interior life will communicate itself to others’.

Advance Happy Easter!


P.S. Still working on part 3, the theme is HOPE. Will post it tomorrow. 


  1. "Or it can be as simple as being extra patient in trying to understand a difficult friend. Or doing small acts of kindness to your parents or siblings."

    ------> I just love this line. Well, little things sometimes are those hardest to do or say... keeping your pride down with sincere forgiveness is a sacrifice in such way. It could give us inner peace too.

    We live in a dynamic world where things are changing fast including our principles and norms. Relationships get cracked with petty adversities but if we come to think of it, those people we love and value are more valuable or should we say priceless than our pride and ego.

    Sacrifices done even in a little way could not just bring us discipline but induce selfless approach as well.

    True joy is having not those things we were dreaming of, material things, fame and so on but our relationship with ourselves, others and God.

    Lovely blog reflection you have here. More power to you :)

  2. I agree! Even the smallest sacrifices can go a long way. We can live a normal and happy life without depending wholly on the material things we have right now. We still have the right to have these things, but it must not control our lives and make us forget our ultimate purpose in serve God. Thanks again for the wonderful inspirational blog. Perfect for our reflection before Easter! Happy Easter for tomorrow!! :)

  3. ‘twas very interesting..Thanks for sharing it to us..
    Well in my personal reflection i believe that “in today’s changing world, you can trust God’s Unchanging Word”.
    Though I don’t have those latest ipad, phones, etc., I felt that having God in my life is more than enough than anything because my personal relationship with Him brings me real peace, joy and salvation..

    happy easter too.
    keep on sharing the good news of God..

  4. I would like to believe that technology was created to connect people and to enhance productivity so we can utilize our time to the things and people that matters to us. But again, let me post some follow up questions:
    Who and what matters to you?
    Why do they matter?
    How do you let them know that they do?
    When do you say that they do? Or have you told them that they do?

    Just like politics and money, technology only becomes evil when it is in the hands of evil people. Sadly, a lot of us chose to hurt others, not only through cyberbullying but by using technology to disconnect ourselves from others. Technology has made our actions more visible through activities that we post on facebook and the status that we put on twitter. Now, we cannot say that one is not reachable or unavailable. Despite this, all of us have forgotten the simple act of saying (or should i say tweeting) thank you.

    Giving up an act, something or even someone is one's way of saying "I love you more than I love myself". These are our sacrifice, our own crosses. Grand gestures are easy to see but has any of us thought about what a particular person has to give up just to spend time with us? Or what they have to go through just to make us feel comfortable? Did any of us took sometime not only to thank them but to at least be sensitive enough to notice?

    Same goes with Jesus. He has given His life and stature just to save us. Since we are all sons and daughters of God, we are all tasked to do the same: to try in our lifetime to save atleast one soul and a heart from hurting.

    I'd like to believe that humans are indeed capable of unconditional love, which I consider the ultimate sacrifice. All of us are product of love anyway :)

    1. very well said! very wise of you! :))

    2. Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it!
      I hope I am able to contribute something here :)

  5. hope you'll keep to inspire more people like me. :) im looking forward for part 3. and i know God will continue to bless you and you're family. :)

  6. Love your reflections! Keep on sharing! :) Happy Easter!

    1. My apologies Chris for the long comments.

      Thank you for using this as a platform not only to interact with to your fans but also to bring each of them (and this includes your detractors) closer to God.

  7. hi chris.. Happy Easter! Good thing I saw ur tweet about this new blog site. So bad the old one has been hacked. Let's just hope that it'll be "returned" to you soon. I miss you and I miss reading updates from you. I just want to say thanks for sharing your reflection to us during this time of the year. I admit, am one of those being "addicted" to this modern things specifically to the internet. But am still thankful that I get to read notes and reflections like these to help me get through with my personal struggles and to be mindful being a Son of God whom He has saved. God bless you! :)

  8. So bold of you to tackle such a sticky issue as the "pleasure principle" that is so prevalent today. And yes, the only antidote to this is sacrifice, more specifically mortification, which involves denying the senses.

    Duc in altum, Chris, and may you draw more souls to the Church and to Christ through this blog and your various endeavors.