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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SMART All Text 30 w/ UAAP stars

When I arrived at Endurun college, the location of the shoot, I was surprised to find out that I will be shooting with the various UAAP Champions for 2012-2013, the Ateneo Mens Basketball team, the De La Salle Womens Volleyball team and the UP Pep Squad, together with Council President Alex Castro. It was a great honor to be working with the most influential college athletes & students in the country! Honestly, I felt a little bit overage but I could still relate to them somewhat :)

Had a good time chatting with the Ateneo players in between takes. It was here where I first watched the video of the most shocking and disturbing injury of Kevin Ware of Lousville. I also had a nice chat with Michele Gumabao of DLSU and I learned a little bit about her story. She was not recruited by La Salle, tried out and made it to the team because she was tall. As a rookie, she would be called in by the coach to play a few possessions or make the last spike. But with hard work and perseverance, she became a regular in the rotation & eventually won MVP & numerous titles for her alma matter. Inspiring story!

Going back to my experience with Smart, I've been a Smart user and ambassador for almost 5 years now and I've no regrets at all. This is the first TVC I did for Smart though. I once did a series of viral videos for Sandbox with the hilarious Ramon Bautista. I think you can look it up on youtube if you wanna see them.

Anyway, don't forget, text AT30 to 2827 for the All Text 30 promo! Free text to all networks and 30 minutes of calls to Smart & TNT for 2 days!! GO!!


P.S. Thanks to Kat Cruz for styling me and to Direk Paul Soriano for making the shoot fun & quick! Always a pleasure working with the best in the industry!

Mom and I for Poten-Cee Forte

After doing the Milo TVC with mom earlier this year, another campaign for mom and I. This time it's for Poten-Cee Forte, a Vitamin C brand that we use at home. Again, we had to persuade her to agree to do it. Lots of speaking lines for her, but no problem for her! This was shot in San Guan gym, reminiscent of my very very first TVC w/ Master Eskinol in 2004.

What I like about this product is that it contains 1000 mg of ascorbic acid or Vitamin C that can last be an entire day. With my hectic schedule, I usually start getting sniffles and colds whenever I forget to take my daily dose of vitamin C. Another feature is that it has an 8-hour time release formula that releases the vitamins in spurts within 8 hours so that our body doesn't just flush away the excess.

Hope you guys like the TVC! Hoping for more TVCs with mom or perhaps other family members? Many people find it hard to believe that my mom can look so young and often mistake her for my sister. I think she looks younger here than in the Milo TVC. Her secret? A nice and obedient son!! Haha kidding! It must be the Milo and the Poten-Cee :)


Monday, April 8, 2013

Project: "MILO BEST Grads"

Here's a copy of the TV Commercial for those who haven't seen it yet. This is the 15-seconder. I can't seem to upload the original 45-seconder. So let me just post the link MILO BEST GRADS TVC 45sec

This was shot some time early January 2013, in between games 3 and 4 of the PBA Finals series between us (Rain or Shine) and Talk n Text. My scenes were done in one day, for around 13 or 14 hours. My part had to be cut short because it was already 2am and I had training early the following morning. (I usually get 7-8 hours of sleep a day because my body needs to be fresh for training, but this is an exemption)

It was my first time to do a TVC shoot with my mom. She was very hesitant at first in accepting to do the campaign, but eventually after seeing the storyboard, she agreed. She's very camera shy and prefers to stay behind the scenes. I don't think she has any regrets after seeing the final edit and the idea of being able to inspire other mothers to raise kids well & encourage their kids to get into sports. I think she did great in the shoot and believe it or not, many people mistake her as my sister. Don't you think?

It was also fun working with Kiefer, Tita Mozzy, Prince Carlos (who studies in La Salle and is already MVP of the Milo tournaments), Tita Olive and of course, the entire production team! Watch out for more of us :) Hope you liked the TVC! #MiloEveryday


Here's the advertorial

Behind the scenes photos c/o Paolo Cabanero of Publicis Manila