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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mom and I for Poten-Cee Forte

After doing the Milo TVC with mom earlier this year, another campaign for mom and I. This time it's for Poten-Cee Forte, a Vitamin C brand that we use at home. Again, we had to persuade her to agree to do it. Lots of speaking lines for her, but no problem for her! This was shot in San Guan gym, reminiscent of my very very first TVC w/ Master Eskinol in 2004.

What I like about this product is that it contains 1000 mg of ascorbic acid or Vitamin C that can last be an entire day. With my hectic schedule, I usually start getting sniffles and colds whenever I forget to take my daily dose of vitamin C. Another feature is that it has an 8-hour time release formula that releases the vitamins in spurts within 8 hours so that our body doesn't just flush away the excess.

Hope you guys like the TVC! Hoping for more TVCs with mom or perhaps other family members? Many people find it hard to believe that my mom can look so young and often mistake her for my sister. I think she looks younger here than in the Milo TVC. Her secret? A nice and obedient son!! Haha kidding! It must be the Milo and the Poten-Cee :)



  1. For a Fan like me I'm very happy everytime i watch your TVCSSSSSS:) I'm so much contented with that but it will be the greatest graduation gift that i could ever had to meet you personally haha:) too much of dreaming:)Tc


  2. Yes, your mom looks younger here! Really really pretty!!! I must say her "nice and obedient son" is really part of her beauty secret. Hihihihi!

    My family has been using Poten-Cee ever since. I'm glad you're endorsing it too! We'll use it more! Haha!

    Looking forward for more TVCs of yours with your mom!