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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Bully Project

“Bully” film to launch anti-bullying campaign

The Jesuit Basic Education Commission (JBEC), in cooperation with Solar Entertainment, is bringing the acclaimed documentary “Bully” to the Philippines. The film, directed by Lee Hirsch, will have a limited theatrical run in November, after the by-invitation premiere on November 13, 6:30 PM, at Robinson’s Galleria Cinema 4.

The film focuses on the alarming rise in bullying faced by teenage students in America. It chronicles the experiences of victims in high schools in Georgia, Iowa, Texas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma, focusing on the cases of Tyler Long and Ty Smalley, both of which tragically ended in suicide.

JBEC will use this powerful documentary to launch the anti-bullying campaign, “Not in Our School,” endorsed by the popular sportsman, Chris Tiu.  The advocacy is aligned with the DepEd’s Child Protection Policy which seeks to defend the student from any form of abuse, including bullying. In light of recent local and international headlines about bullying, this film can be a timely wake-up call for all involved: parents, teachers, administrators, and especially students.

In addition to its theatrical screening, JBEC is offering several Saturday block screenings in Robinson’s Galleria for schools who want to show the film exclusively for their community. In addition, schools can also sponsor campus screenings for a minimal fee. To enhance its use as a formative tool, JBEC will provide teachers and parents with a discussion guide to facilitate processing of the complex message of the movie. Interested schools may contact or for bookings.

Fr. Johnny Go, SJ, JBEC chair, hopes this campaign will lead schools to adopt a pro-active stance against bullying, with each stakeholder committing and contributing to a nurturing and bully-free school environment that is the right of every student.  “We hope this movie can reach as wide an audience as possible, especially among our students,” he says. “At the very least, it should heighten awareness of this issue and begin productive discussions and reflections about a real problem that can no longer be ignored.”

The “Bully” hits theaters starting November 14. It is rated PG-13 by the MTRCB.

Here are the theaters that will be showing "Bully"
1. Robinsons Galleria
2. SM North
4. SM Fairview
5. SM Sta. Mesa 
6. SM Marikina
7. SM MegaMall
8. Powerplant 
9. Gateway
10. Greenhills Promenade
11. Sta. Lucia
12. KCC Gensan

Here's the Official Trailer of "Bully"

Here's the video of our "NOT IN OUR SCHOOL" Anti Bullying Campaign

Here's our official poster

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  1. Malaking issue na ba sa Pilipinas ang bullying? I mean hindi siya kasi ganoon kalaganap unlike sa ibang bansa. Mas malaking problema ngayon ay yung kakulangan ng gamit at classrooms sa public schools.

  2. You'll be surprised that it actually is "laganap" in the Philippines. Bullying appears in many forms. It just doesn't necessarily mean bullying like in other countries. Sometimes, those indirect forms are actually worse than those super obvious bullying. It's good that they have these kind of stuff promoting No Bullying.

  3. Chris, you probably get this a lot but thank you for being a very good role model. Please dont ever change. Thank you!


  4. Hi Kuya Chris,

    I am Gabbie Santos, a simple 12 year old girl with a big dream--- I am an advocate of anti-bullying too. It is because I believe that all of us or if not most of us have experienced bullying in one form or another. It is really heartbreaking. That is why, I already became one of your followers when I saw your ad against bullying. Actually, as the President of our grade school student council, I proposed a yearly celebration of anti-bullying week. Good thing the anti-bullying bill became an Act already in 2012 because I have proposed this in our school (St. Paul College of Makati) since last year but it took awhile to get approved. Anyway, the good news is at looooooong last, it is now approved. Because I follow you, I have read in your blog that you gave a speech in St. Anthony. I knew then, that I had a shot. Sorry but I am really a dreamer and an optimistic person. I believe that even with your hectic schedule if God will allow it to happen then nothing is impossible. All the while, I thought it would cost an arm and a leg to have you as a speaker but I believe that deep in your heart you will find time for simple students like us with a great dream ---TO HAVE A BULLY-FREE CAMPUS. Bullying is a serious problem and it could no longer be ignored. I really hope that you could be a guest of our school even for a very short while --ST. PAUL COLLEGE OF MAKATI D.M. RIVERA ST., POBLACION, MAKATI CITY ON SEPTEMBER 13, 2013 at 10 AM. I KNOW THIS IS A SHOT IN THE DARK OR PERHAPS AN EXERCISE IN FUTILITY----BUT I WILL STILL GIVE IT A TRY CAUSE I KNOW THAT IF IT IS MEANT TO BE, THEN GOD WILL FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

    A short moment with us would touch and change our lives forever. You might just not know how much your impact is to youth like us. Hope you would be able to hear out our simple request. Sana po mapagbigyan ninyo kami.

    we are united in prayer,

    Gabbie Santos

  5. I have a disability, and I'm neither proud nor ashamed of it. I join all those who have been treated unfairly by unjust social structures which perpetuate power relations of domination. I join my voice to all those who are calling for an end to bullying, discrimination, hate crimes, and bigotry. It is always easy to say, "Bullied kids should learn to fight back." But there are instances when the bullying gets worse, once the bullied tries to fight back. I refuse to accept that might makes right.

    There are those who say that there always have been and there always will be bullies, and that bullied kids should simply fight back. But there are instances when the bullying gets worse when those who are bullied tries to fight back. Everybody should understand that bullying is a human rights issue and should never be justified nor tolerated.